Elliot now makes these Judaica items:


D4 Dreidl Box with Hanukkah Chotchkies

This wood dreidl shaped box contains eight bronze charms representing Hanukkah symbols. Represented are the menorah, two dreidles, the Temple, some gelt, and the Mogen David. The wood body is about 2″ by 2″ by 2″. The stem and lid unscrew.

$80 — available in rosewood with the body made of various blond, red, or brown woods. Add a wood stand – $4 additional.


Rosewood Havdalah Set

Havdalah Set H1 — four pieces — goblet with hammered pewter bowl, bsamim box, candle holder for braided candle, and base — in cocobolo rosewood $270

11″ long by 6″ wide overall.                click here for more spice box pictures


 Yad Y1

available in (top to bottom) maple, tulipwood, cocobolo

With brass hand piece and gold plated chain    –   $65 each including stand


 Kiddush Cup

K2 Kiddush cup. The top is hand spun and hand hammered solid lead-free pewter. The pedestal is turned out of solid cocobolo wood. $84




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