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Updated April 5, 2018

Prices in US dollars

Elliot Landes -

Five Three Oh 795-3683


Shipping  by Priority Mail in US for small quantities is $5


Mutxhler Fountain Pen Front Section

Mutschler Fountain Front Sections

These parts will allow one to build a new pen design. I imported these front sections directly from the this famous manufacturer. The set includes one front section (with fine nib), the seal, a threaded bushing, and a black or gold plated ferrule. I’ll enclose some drawings and other parts I used to make pens with these, which you may need or not. The quality is excellent. The nib is steel, with gold plating, and is only available as a “fine” size . The nib size is fine and it has inscribed “Reform, Germany”. I am including a Schmidt pump converter- I am now out of the Mutchler ones that are shown in the picture. Click on the thumbnail for a (slow loading) large image. This nib works with regular cartridges (Mont Blanc style).


Drawing for using the above nib




Sorry, 18k gold version is sold out.
Click on image for a closer look. All of the above parts included.

Also available: rolling writer front section that converts the Mutschler pen seamlessly. $7 each, gold.

Converters: The converter (ink pump) works on most pens using Mont Blanc style cartridges ( I don’t think it works with Parker). $20 for 10, including shipping. Return for refund (un-inked) if it doesn’t work for you.

Front Sections for Parker Vendome - Gold PlatedAlso available: Parker vector front section. Available in the chrome color. $1 each.  These require you make your own cap attachment system and machine suitable non-standard threads in the barrel of the pen. They were designed for a snap-on cap, and I was able to machine a inner cap that did snap on.




I have bushings available like in the sets above (Mutschler and Schmidt). The female threads in the bushing receive the (8mm x .75 mm, I think) male threads of various front sections, and for kits. I’m told it fits the Junior Gentleman, the Junior Retro, the Panache, the Jr. statesman, the Jr. Emperor, and the Junior Majestic. The outer surface has grooves to improve glue adhesion .The size is .919″ x .352″. Drawing below.


The price $1 each or $50 for 100. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Short Pen Bushings - Brass

New! Short bushings. Same internal thread as above. They include a three-bead design that will show above the end of your pen barrel. Length .319″. Length of three bead decorative area: .120″. .359 od. These are designed to be press

fit into 9.1mm brass tubing available from McMaster Carr.

$1 each or $75 for 100.


Clip Sampler — $15 for one each of all clips I have currently available, including shipping.





Taper Clips

These are new for 2013. Chromium plated, 1.67″ long (42.5mm), Top ring is  .347″ (8.8mm) diameter, ring ID is .243″ (6mm)

.032″ metal thickness (.8mm)

$2 each

200 available



Brass clip -

I only have 10 left of these as of June 15, 2013!

This long elegant clip has a straightforward simple shape and a ball bead at the bottom, instead of the usual rolled sheet. 1.75″ long.  The ring is .271″ od and the ring bore is .17″ (double check this!). Made out of .34″ thick brass, nickel plated an ready for your overplate, if you like.

$1.50 each


 Sorry, Deco clips are sold out


  Louis Style Pen Clip in ChromeLouis Clips

Nickel plated steel, with an Louis XI table leg style. 1.37″ long, with a ring od of .434″, .33″ id.

$2 each ~ 55 available


 Teardrop Clip in chrome (with tear drop shaped ball)Teardrop Ring Clips

are steel, nickel plated and have a  .39 od  ring. The ring id is .33″ and overall length is 1.514″. They were high quality nickel plated in the U.S., and made in the U.S. by Mays, Marshall and Meyer in Rhode Island.

$2 each or $150 for 100. 10,000 available.

These have a matching nut available that gives you a head for your pen. The nut is nickel-plated brass and has a 4-40 thread. Made in the U.S. $1 each.


Mont Blanc style pen clipMont Blanc Style Clips

are steel, nickel plated and were . The ring od is .403″, the bore is .319″ and overall length is 1.8″. Made in Taiwan. 3000 available.

$2 each. 36 available.


Also available:

Same as above, but with a much smaller ring hole – .195″ diameter. This would be good for a metal  mounting head. 70 available


Faultless Chrome Pen Clips

Faultless Clamp Clips –

stamped of hard steel, gold plated, and made by Van Valkenburg back in the day. These are for very slender pens or thermometers or testers. The clamp  fits .250″ and overall is 1.20″. These are the real USA model – not the inferior offshore knock off.

$1.50 each or $100 per 100. 330 available



 Mini Clamp Clips

These are very small, like you would see on a tire gauge or thermometer.

1.19″ long (30mm),  will clamp on a 6.5 to 7mm shaft (2.27″ to 2.75″) – You’ll have to try them to see what diameter works best.

$1 each or $.30 each for quantities over 100.


Part and Mechanisms

Pencil Mechanism by SchmidtSchmidt .5mm pencil mechanisms. This is part of the German manufacturer’s system that allows you to make a Parker format pen that can also be converted to a mechanical pencil. These .5 mm mechanisms are high quality — they work great, no jamming. The actuation is by pushing the pin on top. You’ll have to do a little engineering, but this is an excellent component. You can see this system used in high quality art pens, some by “Lexon.”   There are 2 leads each. Erasers in plastic cups are included (not shown).   Other parts included to make the pencil convertible to a pen.

$3 each or $150 for batch of 85.


Yardley brass threaded inser for 4-40 size "Sharpsert"Threaded Inserts, brass, by Yardley Products.

These accept a 4-40 size screw. $12 for 100 pieces including shipping. They push nicely into wood or other soft-ish materials. They have a flange for a clean result.

More info at the Yardley Products site:


Compression Springs — I have a lot of these.


Springs“A”  size: 1″ long, .15″ diameter, .010″ stainless wire, closed ends.  $10 for 100 or make offer for 1000 or more.

“B” size: .68″ long, .18″ diameter, .015″ chrome plated music wire, closed ends, 9 turns,  $10 for 100 or make offer for 1000 or more.

“C”  size: .5″ long, .15″ diameter, .010″ stainless wire, one end closed.  $10 for 100 or make offer for 1000 or more.

“D”  size: .65″ long, .18″ diameter, 10 turns, .016″ music wire, closed ends.  $10 for 100 or make offer for 1000 or more


3 Responses to Penmaking Parts

  1. Will Marshall says:

    I received a wood pen, w/ wood case from Dave Pelz, who in 1999, had several ordered to give to key staff members upon his retirement. The case had a City of Davis logo “etched” into it. Two things I could use your assistance with:
    1. The ink barrell in my pen is dry… can’t figure out how to change the ink cartridge.
    2. If you are no longer producing these wood pens with boxes, can you point me in the direction of some firm who still makes them? I am soon to retire and would like to present something like that to some key staff members, as Dave did for me…

    Best regards… wm

    • landes says:

      If your pen cap pulls off to write, unscrew the finger piece and refill with a Pilot G2 refill. If it is a twist pen, use a Cross ballpoint refill. The pen pulls apart in the middle to get to the refill.

      Send me $4 and a picture of the pen and I’ll send you a new refill. Or come out for coffee at the Putah Creek Cafe someday and I’ll take care of it in person.

    • landes says:

      There is still some of my work in the Artery at 201 G St. in Davis. See the refill info on this site, or call me. I’m in the Yolo County phone book.

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